How to Update your Profile

What do you want people to know about you?

This will help you professionally as people visit our website and learn about the Suppliers in their state. Help your clients, potential clients, and even your colleagues learn more about you!

How will people see my profile?

Many visitors to the website are consumers. Site visitors can use "Find a Registrant" to search for a NRRTS Registrant (RRTS or CRTS) in their state. A general search will show all Registrants in the state. They may type in a last name and also "Find a Registrant".

Registrant credentials, employment information, registration date, expiration date is shown. If you have updated and published your Profile, they will see additional information by clicking "View Profile".

Have you changed employers or contact information?

Contact Amy Odom to change employment information or contact information.

How to update your Profile

1. Log in as a NRRTS Registrant.
2. Go to "Edit my Profile"
3. Check the box "Publish my professional profile"
4. Complete the form. Be sure to complete each section, even if it's just one sentence.

5. Click "Submit"


Try the "Find a Registrant" Tool