2017-06-15, Understanding the Latest in Medicare Funding 06.15.17

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Claudia Amortegui will present. Changes continue within the Medicare funding arena; this includes reimbursement, updated policies, and changes in claim submission. Where do these changes leave us today when it comes to ordering and providing the proper wheelchair and making sure the suppliers are properly paid? How do these changes affect your clients and other funding sources?  What equipment are your clients able to obtain?  What is required of the ordering clinicians and of the providers? These are questions we will review.  This session will provide the latest Medicare updates as they relate to complex rehab technology (CRT).  We will also discuss the most current coverage policies and documentation requirements.  Whether you are a clinician ordering equipment or a supplier providing equipment, you must be up to date with all the details to ensure the best service for your client.

Learning Outcomes for this course:

Participants will be able to describe 3 key requirements in documentation as they relate to proper Medicare funding.

Participants will be able to assess their current documentation process and apply new/changed requirements, where needed, to meet current guidelines as they relate to funding.

Participants will be able to explain Medicare coverage criteria for various CRT products & describe differences on how Medicare will reimburse for specific items based on the equipment received.

Claudia is president of The Orion Consulting Group, specializing in the reimbursement of rehab equipment.  She has been consulting for over 18 years, but first worked on all sides of the industry: with Medicare, a manufacturer, and a provider.  She’s been published numerous times in national publications, and her clients consist of manufacturers, providers, referrals and funding sources. This extensive and diverse experience makes Claudia uniquely qualified to assist people in understanding the reimbursement process.