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Who are Registrants? 

NRRTS Registrants…

  • are dedicated professionals in the field of Complex Rehab Technology service delivery
  • possesses the experience and knowledge to work with the clinician and client to determine the most appropriate enabling technology for people with disabilities
  • know the range of the products available that includes wheeled mobility, seating and positioning, ambulation assistance, environmental controls and/or products for daily living.

How do I become a NRRTS Registrant?

Only NRRTS Registrants may use the credential of RRTS® - Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier, or CRTS® - Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier. A CRTS® is a RRTS® in good standing for at least two years who has passed the Assistive Technology Professional, ATP, exam administered by RESNA and continues to maintain the ATP credential with RESNA. 



Working with NRRTS Registrants

When a consumer works with a NRRTS Registrant, he/she can be confident to receive:

  • accurate information regarding technology and pricing,
  • an open discussion of financial responsibilities,
  • instruction regarding the safe use of the equipment and manufacturers’ warranty information.

When a referral source works with a NRRTS Registrant, he/she discovers:

  • long- and short-term solutions,
  • equipment provided for simulation, clinical trials and fittings,
  • products delivered as prescribed.

Case Managers and funding sources can be confident:

  • The consumer will receive the most cost-effective options to meet the goals and objectives for the rehab equipment.
  • The consumer will receive information regarding the equipment provision process.
  • The NRRTS Registrant will voluntarily abide by all applicable federal and local laws