Special Buy One, Get One offer for Clinical Perspective articles for CEUS!

Special Buy One, Get One offer for Clinical Perspective articles for CEUS!

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We have good news! We have awarded 2,200 CEUS in 2018 and we still have one month to go!

As a "Thank You" to our dedicated Learners, NRRTS is please to announce this special offer through December 31st.

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Our clinical perspective articles are written by some of the best in the CRT Industry. One article is published in each issue of DIRECTIONS. Currently, you can choose from 12 articles.

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Begin 2019 as a NRRTS Registrant!

Begin 2019 as a NRRTS Registrant!

There are so many reasons to be a NRRTS Registrant!

We know how hard you work to provide the best possible care and service for your clients.

We know you already go the "extra mile" and your clients become like family! 

What more can you do to demonstrate how much you value your profession?

Only NRRTS Registrants may use RRTS® - Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier or CRTS® - Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier designation.

NRRTS Registrants are known 

  • as dedicated professionals in the field of Complex Rehab Technology service delivery
  • to possesses the experience and knowledge to work with the clinician and client to determine the most appropriate enabling technology for people with disabilities
  • to know the range of the products available that includes wheeled mobility, seating and positioning, ambulation assistance,...

NRRTS New Assessment Tool -

NRRTS has implemented an automated assessment system. This allows you to receive your certificates immediately after passing the post-test and completing the survey. All of our courses require that you score a minimum of 70% to earn credit.

Here are a few tips to help things go smoothly for you!

1. Add to your CONTACT list in your email.

2. Use your personal email when you begin the assessment, especially if your work email has high security or filters.

3. The certificate comes as a PDF attachment. If you're on a Smart Phone, be sure to scroll to the bottom to find the attachment.

4. Look for the certificate right away. If you wait a few days, you might delete it!

5. Take your time! Be sure to complete the entire survey! You will see a summary of your answers at the end of the survey and post-test.

6. Let us know right away if you do...

IFONS show support of NRRTS mission, vision, and goals

IFONS show support of NRRTS mission, vision, and goals

A Friend of NRRTS is an individual involved in the Rehabilitation Technology industry or profession who shares the mission and vision of NRRTS. An IFON does not meet the requirements for regular NRRTS Registration.

Don Olson, one of our newest IFONS has this to say,

“I am very glad to support the important work of NRRTS as an individual friend. This is a great option for professionals in the rehabilitation technology field to stay current with this rapidly changing service area. I so appreciate and am grateful for the high quality educational opportunities that NRRTS offers at a reduced rate for individual members. Thank you NRRTS!”


Don is a physical therapist who has worked in multiple practice settings including inpatient acute care, home care and a residential facility for people with developmental disabilities. In addition, he currently is an adjunct faculty at the University...

Urgent Action Needed!

CRT Stakeholders and Friends,

NCART recently shared national survey data that indicated suppliers have implemented significant reductions in the provision of critical components (accessories) used with Complex Rehab manual wheelchairs to Medicare beneficiaries (see here).

Additionally the Clinician Task Force, a national group comprised of physical and occupational therapists, conducted an independent survey of clinicians from across the country that provided patient-specific access issues related to the ongoing cuts (see here).

These survey results further emphasize the need for Congress to pass H.R. 3730 and S. 486 to stop CMS from continuing to inappropriately apply Competitive Bid Program pricing to components of Complex Rehab manual wheelchairs.

Your Members of Congress need this new data before the end of September, even if they have already signed on to the bills. Take three minutes to visit and click on the "Send the Email" link. Supply your information and an email will be sent to...
New criteria for approved applicants

New criteria for approved applicants

The NRRTS Board has approved the following for NRRTS Applicants:

Effective immediately, NRRTS will designate an approved applicant as CRTS® if the following criteria is met:

a.The applicant has a minimum of 3 years continuous employment with a CRT Provider and is involved directly with consumer service delivery
b.The applicant has a minimum of 3 years continuous ATP certification in good standing

For any current NRRTS RRTS® who meets this criteria, their designation will become CRTS® at their next renewal.
Apply Now!
Michelle L. Lange and Jean Minkel design new text to help meet dependent and independent mobility needs

Michelle L. Lange and Jean Minkel design new text to help meet dependent and independent mobility needs

Michelle L. Lange and Jean Minkel have designed a text to support occupational and physical therapists, complex rehabilitation technology suppliers, and even third-party payers who are interested in wheelchair seating and mobility assessment and applications. Seating and Wheeled Mobility provides a wide spectrum of information from foundational information for those practitioners who are new to the field to in-depth, population-specific information for practitioners who perhaps have not worked with a particular population in the past.

The book, Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide presents clinical assessment considerations when working with a person with a disability who may need wheelchair seating for postural support, skin integrity, or a wheelchair base to best meet dependent or independent mobility needs.

Information sharing, opportunities for demonstration and trial, and patience on the part of the clinician working with the person with a disability are all critical precursors to the actual process of making equipment recommendations.

Seating and Wheeled Mobility is divided...
Small Business Council of America Honors Molly and Jeramy Hale with its Humanitarian of the Year

Small Business Council of America Honors Molly and Jeramy Hale with its Humanitarian of the Year

Small Business Council of America Honors Molly and Jeramy Hale with its Humanitarian of the Year WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 11, 2018) – The Small Business Council of America (SBCA), a national nonprofit organization which represents the interests of more than 100,000 privately-held and family-owned organizations on Federal tax, employee benefit and health care matters, presented its awards at the 35th SBCA Annual Congressional Awards reception in Washington, D.C. on May 9, 2018.

The SBCA’s Humanitarian of the Year Award was presented to Molly and Jeramy Hale of Penn Valley, California, in recognition of their work as co-owners of Ability Production, Inc. Ability Production, Inc is a spinal cord injury design and consulting nonprofit founded in 2004 which provides services, information and resources for individuals managing spinal cord injuries.

“After Molly was seriously injured in a car accident, she and Jeramy not only found...

Deadline to act is May 25th!

Deadline to act is May 25th!

Representatives Bob Latta (R-OH) and Bill Johnson (R-OH) are circulating a House of Representatives letter that will be sent to CMS Administrator Verma to protect access to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). The letter formally informs CMS that Congress did not intend for DME Competitive Bid payment rates to be applied to CRT items as part of the 21st Century Cures Act legislation.

Our task is to strengthen their message by getting additional Representatives to sign-on to the letter. We have until noon next Friday, May 25th to get those signatures and need your help.

Here's what you can do: Click here to send an email to your Representative asking them to follow the instructions included to add their signature and help protect access to CRT. All you need to do is enter your information and click send. A copy of the instruction ...

Outstanding contributions to NRRTS are recognized during the 2018 National Leadership & Advocacy Conference

Outstanding contributions to NRRTS are recognized during the 2018 National Leadership & Advocacy Conference

The NRRTS Board of Directors recognized certain individuals who have contributed to the advancement of CRT through leadership, advocacy or distinguished service. The awards were presented on April 26th during the 2018 National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference held in Washington, D.C.

John Zona, ATP/SMS is the 2018 Simon Margolis Fellow. John has been a longtime NRRTS Board member including serving as President.

John committed his time, resources and intellectual expertise in order to advance the promise of Complex Rehab Technology. His involvement with NRRTS, NCART and other professional associations bear tribute to his passion and commitment.

This award is named after Simon Margolis who set a high standard for dedication and involvement in the provision of Complex Rehab Technology. He was passionate about the people who rely on CRT. Consumer protection was his motivation for creating NRRTS. This highest of NRRTS’ awards is given in his memory.

Last year, Gerry Dickerson, ATP, CRTS and Michele...