If I Don't Do It, Who is Going To?

Wayne Van Brocklin, ATP/SMS, CRTS® shares the reasons we all need to advocate for CRT!

Join Wayne at this year's National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference!

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Wayne graduated from Colgate University 1979 and started his own business with Paul Garner 1989.

He still loves the business 2019.

Limb-it-less Gabe is a featured speaker at this year's 2019 National CRT Leadership & Advocacy Conference

Limb-it-less Gabe is a featured speaker at this year's 2019 National CRT Leadership & Advocacy Conference

NRRTS and NCART have joined together to bring you an exciting program for this year's 2019 National CRT Conference. Gabe Adams will begin Leadership Day with his amazing life story shared in his own personal and moving way. This session will have everyone at the National CRT Leadership & Advocacy Conference excited and elevated to a new level.

For over three years, Gabe has been traveling the country and sharing the extraordinary story of his life and overcoming its challenges. Born without limbs to a single and poor mother in Brazil, he faced a bleak future with limited options. However, divine intervention brought word of him to his future adoptive parents in the United States, where Gabe embarked on a journey of courage, perseverance and a dedication to inspiring others.

While attending Dixie High School in St. George, Utah, Gabe not only served as the Senior Class Officer, he excelled at dance and communication, all while delivering motivational talks around...
NRRTS Awards Program is Announced

NRRTS Awards Program is Announced

Certain individuals and groups who have contributed to the advancement of CRT through leadership, advocacy or distinguished service stand out in our minds! The NRRTS Board of Directors wants to give you an opportunity to recognize CRT Industry Leaders for their dedication and hard work.

Nominations are being accepted for the categories listed below. Nominations must be emailed by midnight, February 28, 2019, to A select committee will determine the recipients. Awards will be presented at the 2019 International Seating Symposium in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Leadership Award
Award Requirements:
Nominee can be a group, association, company or agency Letter of nomination should include details of significant advancement of NRRTS Describe the professional and/or clinical impact on service delivery of Rehab Technology

Distinguished Service Award
Award Requirements:
Nominee must be a NRRTS Registrant or FON for a minimum of three years
The letter of nomination must detail the distinguished service to NRRTS, accomplishments and impact of participation to further...
Because you are a Registrant

Because you are a Registrant

Because you are a NRRTS Registrant:

Your standing as a professional is greater because of your knowledge, experience, and commitment to the NRRTS Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

You are a person with recognized knowledge and experience in the field of complex rehab technology.

You are someone to be trusted in the eyes of the clinician to provide equipment that truly meets the patient's medical needs.

You have access to all NRRTS CE Programs at no additional cost. The content has been developed by recognized experts in the field to broaden your knowledge.

Your feelings of confidence and self-worth are increased by knowing that NRRTS prmary objective is to promote and support the professional CRT Supplier.

Your referrals, customers, and funding sources recognize your personal commitment to the service and delivery of CRT.

You have the designation of RRTS or CRTS which looks good on your...