2019-2020 NRRTS Board of Directors is announced

NRRTS announces the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. New At-Large Directors are David Nix, ATP,CRTS®, Tim Robinson, ATP/SMS, CRTS®, and Jason Kelln, ATP, CRTS®.

David Nix is from Birmingham and has been a NRRTS Registrant for 20 years. "I do speak proudly of the organization whenever I have the opportunity and I have consistently preached the value of NRRTS ethical standards during Alabama Medicaid advisory committee meetings. Still, I know there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and I want to step up and do my part if help is needed."

Tim Robinson, a Supplier and wheelchair user understands the issues of all CRT Stakeholders. "Our industry and our clients need help. Ever tightening regulations and shrinking reimbursements are depriving those we serve of the equipment and services they need to live full and productive lives. The situation is becoming more and more unbearable. For a long time I, like many, have said “someone needs to do something”...
New Initiative Highlights CRT Users' Needs

New Initiative Highlights CRT Users' Needs

CRT Users are leading the way in efforts to get vital legislation passed that will protect Complex Rehab Technology. Recognizing the need for CRT Users to be at the center of advocacy efforts, the new initiative #Unite4CRT was formed.

Led by Kyle Romano, Bobbi Kay Lewis, and Jenny Siegle, #Unite4CRT is asking everyone to join in the first of a series of online meetings.

The first online Town Hall Meeting will be held on August 13th at 7 pm EST.

Join as we bridge the gap between the perception and the reality of living with a disability.

During the meeting, you'll be provided with the tools to confidently and comfortably portray CRT's vital role.

Let's make a difference! Meet with us online!

Learn more when you click

Facebook page: Unite4CRT


NRRTS will be featured as a Spotlight Provider

NRRTS will be featured as a Spotlight Provider

NRRTS will be featured on the IACET website as a Spotlight Provider on Friday, July 12, 2019. NRRTS has been an Accredited Provider since 2015. NRRTS Continuing Education Program awarded over 7,000 CEUS during the last 12 months in over 100 learning events.

NRRTS recognizes that quality education is critical for the professional rehab technology supplier and is committed to offering this benefit to NRRTS Registrants, Friends of NRRTS, and other CRT Professionals through our NRRTS Continuing Education Program. This program currently includes Live Webinars, On-Demand Webinars, CEU Article Review, and In-Class Learning Events.

Our goal is to become a primary source of relevant, cost-effective educational programming and information in the industry and profession.

NRRTS is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). NRRTS complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as...

It's a No-Brainer!

It's a No-Brainer!

Kyle Romano has been diligently reaching out to local Representatives and Senators since returning from theNational CRT Leadership & Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. on May 1 -2 hosted by NRRTS and NCART.  David Thompson of Representative Charlie Crist’s office came to tour the Custom Mobility facility where Kyle works.

Kyle and his co-workers took advantage of the three hour visit as an opportunity to advocate for wheelchair users' needs. "We gave him a more in-depth discussion regarding CRT, and showed him the work involved in maintaining our clients’ health and independence, as well as ensuring their safety" Kyle has confirmed that Representative Crist signed on to H.R. 2293.

Kyle has been steadily pursuing the local offices and reports that Representative Gus Bilirakis has also signed on to the bill.

Kyle would like to encourage everybody to take action. "If we don’t fight for our rights to CRT, nobody else will. In addition, it’s up to us to explain ...

How are your advocacy efforts going?

How are your advocacy efforts going?


We want to hear from YOU!

How are your advocacy efforts going?
As you know, H.R. 2293 and S. 1223 will stop Medicare from applying Competitive Bid rates to critical components (accessories) of Complex Rehab Manual Wheelchairs and permanently exempt Complex Rehab Wheelchair systems from the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.

Share your advocacy stories of success or obstacles you've faced in your attempts to communicate the need for this legislation!

Email us at or share your story on Facebook


Liz Cole receives the Distinguised Service Award

Liz Cole receives the Distinguised Service Award

Liz Cole was recently selected to receive the NRRTS Distinguished Service Award. The award is one of the highest honors NRRTS presents and recognizes those exceptional individuals for their outstanding contributions to the CRT community.

Award recipients have gone above and beyond to promote, protect and advance CRT and the mission of NRRTS.

Some of the requirements are passion, commitment, integrity and an unwavering ethical compass.

The recipient of this award has spent a lifetime exhibiting all of these qualities with grace, dignity and good humor.

Thank you, Liz Cole, for your contribution to the CRT Community.
NRRTS Distinguished Service Award is presented to Carey Britton

NRRTS Distinguished Service Award is presented to Carey Britton

For Carey Britton, ATP/SMS, CRTS®, it has never been about a job, but serving his customers with the upmost professionalism, always striving to enrich their lives. Carey, an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and CRTS®, serves on the NRRTS Board of Directors, the NRRTS Executive Committee and is a member of RESNA, and VGM.

Carey was presented with the NRRTS Distinguished Service Award during the 2019 National CRT Leadership & Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. Carey states, “I was humbled to be nominated and to receive an award issued by an organization of my peers…It is one of the highest honor one can receive.”

Carey has been in the CRT profession for more than 25 years and is known to be efficient, caring, and an advocate for the special needs’ community. He is known for mentoring and educating others in the industry.

Carey’s wife Debra speaks proudly about her husband, “Carey has a heart of gold when it comes...
Simon Margolis Fellow 2019 is named

Simon Margolis Fellow 2019 is named

Mike Osborn has been named as the Simon Margolis Fellow Award receipient for 2019. The award was presented during the NRRTS Award Ceremony and Reception held at The International Seating Symposium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A Simon Margolis Fellow is named each year and represents a NRRTS Registrant who has made long standing and significant contributions to NRRTS, the CRT profession, and the seating and wheeled mobility community as a whole. Mike joins other Simon Margolis Fellows Michelle Gunn, Gerry Dickerson, and John Zona who represent the NRRTS Mission and the highest standards of professionalism in the CRT Industry.

Letters of nominations highlighted Mike Osborn's many accomplishments as a professional, husband, parent, and friend.

In his letter of nomination, Gerry Dickerson wrote, "Simon represented the very best in what it means to be an active, involved and committed ATP. He gave ...