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Continuing Education

NRRTS Webinars

NRRTS offers webinars two times per month that are relevant to complex rehab technology.

Here are upcoming webinars:

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On Demand Webinars for Core Curriculum

Offered to NRRTS Registrants and NRRTS Applicants at no cost

FON's $20    All others $40

CRT and the Professional RTS (Ethics)
Dealing with Difficult Clients (Business Practices)
Gotcha! Key Considerations Before Providing a PMD to a Medicare Beneficiary (Funding) .1 CEU
Hands Dependent Sitter (Seating and Positioning) .1 CEU
Prop Sitters: Who, What, Where and When! (Seating and Positioning) .1 CEU
Roles of Medical Professionals .1 CEU (Business Practice)
Seating and Mobility for Clients with Multiple Sclerosis (Medical Terminology) .1 CEU
Teenage Transistions (Business Practice) .1 CEU