What's the Difference?

Beginning in 2012, NRRTS Registrants were required to submit only CEUs for renewal. The NRRTS Board made this change to raise the bar of Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers®, RRTS®, or a Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®, CRTS®.

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) must be authorized by an accredited organization. These courses have a description, learning outcomes and method of insturction. the content is supported with published references, the presenter is a subject matter expert, and the attendees give feedback through the course evaluation.

CECs (Continuing Education Credits) are basically contact hours of education. The content has not been submitted to an accrediting organization and therefore does not necessarily comply with any guidelines. Two examples of CECs would be a product in-service or participation/attendance at an event.

Some organizations, such as RESNA, do accept CECs. In renewing the ATP certification, up to 10 CECs in assistive technology related areas are accepted. NRRTS only accepts CEUs toward annual renewal. However, if you are meeting the annual CEU requirement for NRRTS, you are set with RESNA as well.