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Stop Accessory Pricing Cuts!

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Regardless who you are; consumer; supplier; clinician manufacturer - you have a stake in what happens on Capitol Hill and in your State Houses and in the offices of State and Federal regulators. You need to be an active advocate to assure that consumers with significant disabilities and health issues receive the Complex Rehab Technology they need to help assure their health, function and quality of life. It is not somebody else’s responsibility. Lack of time and resources is a cop-out. Making a call to your Member of Congress, local representative or Governor’s office takes a few minutes. Most of us have plenty of minutes on our cell phones so money shouldn’t be an issue.

When you talk to your Member of Congress the message is simple: "I need [Senator/Representative’s Name] to support legislation to create a Separate Benefit Category for Complex Rehab Technology within the Medicare program.”

When you call your Governor or State Legislators your message needs to be personalized to address the issues you face in your State.

Contact Your Legislator

Use the form below to find your senators and representatives:

Setup a Site Visit with Your Legislator

One of the best ways to educate your Members of Congress and Local Legislators is to set up a visit to your company or clinic to observe and learn first-hand about what you and the people you serve. Including consumers in these visits give them even more impact.

There are 8 simple steps to setting-up a successful site visit.