About Our Registrants

Who are Registrants?

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A NRRTS Registrant…

  • Is the only person eligible to identify himself/herself as Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers®, RRTS®, or a Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier®, CRTS®.
  • Combines extensive experience and knowledge to qualify for the CRTS® credential.
  • Attains and maintains his/her credential through annual continuing education requirements.
  • Maintains knowledge and expertise about ever-changing technology.
  • Provides cost-effective products and services.
  • Adheres to NRRTS’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as enforced by a formalized Complaint Resolution Process.
  • Raises the standards of the industry and profession by representing the interests of Registrants, consumers, funding sources and clinicians in the Federal and State regulatory arenas
Our Mission, Vision, and Goals


Only NRRTS Registrants may use the credential of RRTS® - Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier, or CRTS® - Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Supplier.

CRTS® is designated to any person who has a minimum of 3 years continuous employment with a CRT Provider directly involved in consumer service delivery and ATP certification in good standing for three years.


Working with NRRTS Registrants

Consumers can be confident to receive:

  • accurate information regarding technology and pricing,
  • an open discussion of financial responsibilities,
  • instruction regarding the safe use of the equipment and manufacturers’ warranty information.

Referral Sources can be sure to receive:

  • long- and short-term solutions,
  • equipment provided for simulation, clinical trials and fittings,
  • products delivered as prescribed.

Case Managers and funding sources can be confident:

  • The consumer will receive the most cost-effective options to meet the goals and objectives for the rehab equipment.
  • The consumer will receive information regarding the equipment provision process.
  • The NRRTS Registrant will voluntarily abide by all applicable federal and local laws