Welcome to NRRTS!

Welcome to NRRTS!

Along with many other features, the NRRTS website provides the only mechanism to locate people, specifically CRTSs and RRTSs, who are all currently, actively involved and specializing in providing Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) seating and wheeled mobility equipment and services.

NRRTS also provides links to other resources, DIRECTIONS Magazine on line and Webinar registration.

Your feedback is important. Please e-mail your comments or suggestions to us at wwalker@nrrts.org.

Mike Barner, ATP, CRTS
NRRTS President


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What is NRRTS?

NRRTS is a professional association supporting individuals who provide Complex Rehab wheelchairs and seated positioning systems for people of all ages and diagnoses who have postural or mobility deficits. These professionals offer quality care and service using specialized knowledge, training, experience and skills to match the consumers' needs to appropriate equipment.

What is Complex Rehab Technology (CRT)?

The definition of Complex Rehab Technology requires understanding of five distinct but interrelated factors: The Product; The Person; The Process;The Professional; and The Credential.

Who are NRRTS Registrants?

NRRTS Registrants are dedicated to the field of assistive technology and service delivery. A NRRTS professional possesses the experience and knowledge to work with the clinician and client to determine the most appropriate enabling technology for people with disabilities.

How Can I Support NRRTS?

Become a NRRTS Registrant or Friend of NRRTS. Support NRRTS' mission to assure access to Complex Rehab Technology products and services to all Americans with significant mobility and functional deficits.

Why should I support NRRTS?

Though NRRTS is made up of individual Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) professionals, our mission is to work with all members of the Complex Rehab Technology community to assure access to CRT to all Americans who require these products and services. There are benefits for all stakeholders in this process to support NRRTS and its mission.